Whatever type of drive or patio you have, we offer a professional cleaning and sealing service.

Block PavingCleaning & Sealing

As Smartseal Registered Agents, we carry out professional driveway cleaning and driveway sealing. Block paving driveway cleaning will brighten up your home and garden with a high-visual impact which will impress your family, friends and neighbours. Our driveway sealing service provides long term protection to your block paved driveway. The benefits of block paving cleaning and sealing can be seen below.

Block Paving Cleaning

Block paving cleaning is essential due to the wet climate of the UK. The sand in the joints becomes a breeding ground for moss and weeds and the surface of the block paving can quickly become green with algae. If left unchecked, block paving can at best become unsightly and at worst, dangerous when wet. Therefore, block paving cleaning is essential. For over 10 years we have been carrying out block paving cleaning in Telford, Stafford, Shifnal, Newport and surrounding areas of Shropshire and Staffordshire.
Our block paving cleaning service differs from our imprinted concrete driveway cleaning service because the cleaning has two stages.

Block Paving Sealing

After the block paving driveway cleaning and drying out processes, we highly recommend sealing the block paving. Block paving sealing is different to imprinted concrete sealing or tarmac driveway sealing because the main aim of block paving sealing is to solidify the sand. If kiln-dried sand is re-applied to the block paving without sealing it, you are creating a fresh environment for moss and weeds to again take over. We use high quality Smartseal block paving sealer which solidifies the dried kiln block paving sand and completely seals the block paving itself.

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Imprinted ConcreteCleaning & Sealing

The smart and informed home owner chooses an imprinted concrete driveway above other options. Block paving and tarmac quickly age and are high maintenance. Imprinted concrete driveways do not suffer the same problems with weed and moss growth as block paving and tarmac. Providing the imprinted concrete driveway is re-sealed every few years, imprinted concrete driveways will outlast block paving and tarmac.
We carry out pattern imprinted concrete driveway cleaning in Telford, Shrewsbury, Newport, Shifnal and surrounding areas. Part of our professional imprinted concrete driveway cleaning service is re-tinting and re-sealing.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cleaning

An imprinted concrete driveway, like any outdoor surface, needs cleaning from time to time. Although imprinted concrete is a very durable surface, care does need to be taken when cleaning. For that reason, we have invested in the latest imprinted concrete driveway cleaning tools and equipment. Our rotary head cleaner provides an even, penetrating, deep clean but without damaging the imprinted concrete surface.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Sealing

Over time, your imprinted concrete driveway will begin to lose it's colour and begin to look patchy. Re-sealing your imprinted concrete every 3-5 years will keep it looking in great condition. James Cleaning Ltd are professional Smartseal Registered Agents. We are able to use high quality imprinted concrete sealers on your imprinted concrete driveway which will give the surface a facelift, help keep it's original colour and provide long lasting protection.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Tinting

If your imprinted concrete driveway has not been regularly sealed, it will eventually look worn and lose its original colour. It will begin to look patchy and unsightly. Using Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer and tints we are able to take your imprinted concrete driveway back to it's original colour. We have a choice of 16 colours for the perfect colour match.

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Tarmac DrivewayCleaning & Sealing

A freshly laid tarmac driveway is a striking addition to any property. Many feel that tarmac looks nicer than the popular pattern imprinted concrete. While tarmac is durable and extremely functional, like block paving, tarmac is a breeding ground for moss, weeds and lichen. Because of it's rough texture, it has a seemingly unparalleled ability to hold water and provide ideal conditions for moss and weed growth.

Over time the tarmac driveway is also exposed to UV light and water, loses its resins, black colour and turns grey. Lost resins cause the tarmac driveway to become more brittle, cracks appear and "chippings" soon break off.

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning

As already mentioned, moss and weeds proliferate on tarmac driveway. We pre-treat the tarmac driveway with a concentrated moss and weed killer which both kills existing moss and weeds, but also remains on the surface and kills off any moss spores that are waiting to germinate. The next stage after pre-treatment, is the tarmac driveway cleaning process which removes the dead moss and general dirt and grime. For the tarmac driveway cleaning process, we use a rotary headed cleaner which gives an even clean to the tarmac as a normal pressure washer lance can break up the tarmac surface.

Tarmac Driveway Restoration and Sealing

We are Smartseal Registered Installers and use high quality tarmac driveway sealing products at a professional level.
We can use a tarmac repair kit to fill any cracks in the tarmac driveway. We can also fill 'drops' in tarmac with cold tarmac repair compound, fill the edges with tarmac joint sealer and then seal the surface with Tarmaseal. Tarmaseal is the market leading tarmac driveway restoration product. It is a high quality tarmac restorer and the preferred choice of thousands of home-owners and contractors across the UK. The benefits of Tarmaseal tarmac driveway restorer are:
● Transform the appearance of any existing tarmac drivewa● Replaces lost resin from tarmac, vastly superior to bitumen based tarmac paint● Re-creates original colour of tarmac● Avoids need for expensive replacement of tarmac● Long term protection, increases lifespan of tarmac, reduces future tarmac repair● Covers unsightly cement & oil stains or marks● Protects tarmac from future petrol, diesel, oil spills & moss and algae growth● Seals, waterproofs and protects the tarmac● Tarmac sealer available in black, green & red

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Natural Stone & SlabCleaning & Sealing

A newly laid patio is a great addition to any property. Your slabs will look new, clean and the colours will be bright, but the stone is exposed to the wind, rain and other elements and eventually, patio cleaning is essential.

If left unchecked, a patio can build up with algae, moss and weeds and when wet, are very slippery. It's amazing how quickly the slabs can lose their colour and eventually even a bright red slab will look grey.

Natural Stone Patio Cleaning & Sealing

For Indian sandstone & natural stone patios, we use a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating coating system. Application of the ULTRA sealer will alter the chemical structure of the porous sandstone or natural stone providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface. There are 2 types of finish, a colour enhancer which leaves a 'damp', but not wet look finish or a plain matt 'dry' finish which will not alter the natural look of your patio.
● One coat application● Highly resistant to algae, lichen and staining● Will not change appearance of surface● Touch dry in 2-3 hours● Fully waterproof 24 hours● Protects patio slab & pointing● Lifespan up to 10 years● Suitable for Indian Sandstone Limestone, Terracotta, Slate and Granite● Can be used externally or internally

Pre-Cast Slab Patio Cleaning & Sealing

As patios are well travelled areas of your home, we can at the customers request, add a non-slip additive to the sealer making your sealed patio safer, even when wet. The sealer does not give a shiny, glossy finish. This can often make the patio look 'cheap'. Rather, the finish is an attractive soft sheen. The benefits of patio sealing are:
● Enhances natural colours of Pre-Cast Patio slabs● Brings old patios alive● Protects against loss of colour through UV light● Resists oil and stain penetration● Inhibits weed and algae growth● ISO9001/BS5750 quality approved Patio Sealer● Suitable for most patio slabs

How Long Will The Patio Sealer Last?

All of our patio sealers are Smartseal patio sealers, manufactured to ISO9001/BS5750 standards. These patio sealers have been tried and tested by professional trade bodies. The standard patio sealer will give protection up 5 years. The ULTRA patio sealer offers protection for up to 10 years.

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Decking Cleaning& Re-Oiling

We carry out decking cleaning in Telford, Shrewsbury, Shifnal, Newport, Codsall, surrounding areas. As part of our decking cleaning service, we offer the option of decking oiling and decking staining with a whole range of colours.

Decking cleaning has become an essential part of outdoor maintenance for many homeowners. Newly installed wooden decking is a striking addition to any garden. However, it does not take long for algae to accumulate and then the decking becomes very slippery. If left unchecked, this proves to be a health & safety risk on commercial properties and a cause for concern to homeowners. Decking cleaning therefore, is essential.

Wooden Decking Cleaning

Decking cleaning requires more than a quick blast with a pressure washer. We pre-treat the decking about a week before we carry out the decking cleaning. This decking treatment removes the algae from the decking. Normal pressure washing during the decking cleaning process can lead to the decking having "striped" finish. We have recognised this problem and invested in specialised decking cleaning equipment. We use a pressure washer along with a rotary headed cleaner on decking cleaning jobs which gives both a deep clean and an even finish.

Wooden Decking Cleaning

A week after the decking cleaning process, we return to re-oil the decking. This oil will protect the clean decking from the damaging effects of water and inhibit the growth of algae. As Smartseal registered Installers, we are able to professionally apply decking oil to decking. We only use high quality Liberon wooden decking oils. Liberon is the market leading wooden decking oil. It will revive, protect, transform and restore colour and the look of your clean decking.

Many of our decking cleaning clients go on to use our driveway cleaning service too. If you would like to arrange a FREE no obligation site survey for decking cleaning in Telford, Shrewsbury, Shifnal or Newport areas, please visit our Contact Us page.

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